My dōTERRA Journey

I started on my journey with dōTTERA in February of 2017! My cousin had been selling it for a few years and as I continued to follow her site I noticed how others were finding relief. I then signed up wanting to get rid of toxic chemicals and look at natural ways to assist with my personal needs. I began using the essential oil’s and could notice the changes daily.

Once working with the essential oil’s I decided to go in extra step and begin making my own soaps; lotions and lip balms with using the essential oils from my family essentials kit. Not even 3 months into using essential oils I knew it was time to start my journey as a wellness advocate sharing my experience and knowledge and helping others reach their goals.

I am so grateful for the essential oils as it has allowed me to take back my life and not have worry about side effects like I did when taking my medication. I am slowly reducing my medication and looking forward to the day when I will no longer need to take them! I now use lavender, serenity and balance when I feel anxious. I use begamont, clary sage, lavender and peppermint during that time of the month. And I no longer have to call off sick due to the severe pain during those first few days.

Most of all I am grateful that I have the opportunity to help others in a way they may never had known.




Author: jarnold7396

My name is Julie Arnold and I am a wellness advocate for doTerra.

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